• RGB Photography

    RGB Photography

    Large Format RGB Photography, captured with our Z/I DMC-II-230

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  • 3D City Model

    3D City Model

    created from our Medium Format Oblique Photography


    Digital Surface Model

    from LiDAR data

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  • Orthophoto Tiles

    Tiled Orthophoto

    from DMC-II-230 large format aerial photography

Our Mission

AerialSurveyS GmbH is your partner for aerial data acquisition. We use several sensors to capture aerial data for your application.

Covering wide areas with our multispectral large format camera DMC-II-230 or capturing small project areas with our two medium format cameras, we can provide cost effective image acquisition services for you.

Besides that, we can make use of our pushbroom sensor with RGB forwad, backward and nadir as well as 3 NIR bands in the nadir perspective, ideal for environmental research.

We also determine the terrain with our LiDAR for precise DSM and DTM extraction.

Using our AOS oblique camera system, data for city modelling and 3D reconstruction can be captured.

We are able to find thermal anomalies with our AeroTherm sensor for your environmental or industrial needs.